"Bows Over Bros"

The La Verne Mustang Cheer program practices on Wednesdays. Due to only having practices once a week, it is very important to have excellent attendance. The program will include: local performances, competitions and parades. Cheerleaders will learn: basic arm motions, jumps, stunts (by level), dance routines, basic tumbling, cheers and chants. Each student will be placed within a group (Jrs. or Srs.) that fits their individual level.

Attire for class- The Mustang practice uniform is black cheer shorts, kelly green t-shirt, white ankle socks and white lightweight tennis shoes. (When the weather is chilly, the girls may wear black leggings instead of shorts.) Soffe cheer shorts can be purchased at Kohls. Girls need to have their hair pulled up out of their face.

Mustang logo orders- You may purchase a green t-shirt or black sweatshirt with the Mustang logo on it for both Youth and Adults. Please see your coach for an order form with pricing. (This is a great idea to have for family supporters during competition season.)

Uniforms- Cheer uniform packages must be paid in full when ordering. Packages are $150.00 and include: skirt, briefs, shell top, bodyliner, socks, poms, bag and hair bow. Cash or check only, made payable to Chae Gamboa.

Parent Support-We encourage lots of support from our cheer families. Without you, our program would be much more difficult to run. However, if you have any concerns please address your coach after class time.

Drop off- Please do not leave your child until your coach arrives. You may sit quietly in the main hall until then. Since we have limited information on hand, each cheerleader will need a contact information sheet on file with the coaches. This form is separate from your enrollment through the City of La Verne and will be given to you when you first join. Make sure to let your coach know when any changes are made. (Address, phone, email.)

Pick up-Parents need to be in the main hall by 5:45PM to get any new information and updated announcements every week. Cheerleaders will not be released unless a parent/guardian is present. Due to the time constraint of the coaching staff and the following city program class, it is important that we are done in the main hall by 6:00PM.

Open/Closed practices- Most of our cheer practices are open to family members. However, if a coach feels that the noise level is becoming too high for the participants to concentrate, you may be asked to step out. A few times throughout the year we will have closed practice and the families will be notified.

Food- Cheerleaders are not allowed to eat in the main hall. If they purchase a snack from our table or bring one to class, it is to be consumed in the hallway outside of class. Make sure to remind the girls to clean up when they drop any crumbs, wrappers, etc.

Performances- We try to participate in as many performances possible but may not be during every session. Coaches will keep you updated with dates, times and locations of events as they become available.

Competitions- Our cheer program focuses on competing January-June. During these months it is extremely important to attend all sessions/classes. If your child will not be able to attend all sessions, please let your coach know in advance. Changing routines is a difficult process when we lose any cheerleader. You must have a current uniform in order to compete. We ask that all family supporters wear our team colors (green and black) when attending competitions. You may also make posters, noisemakers and any other fun items in support of your squad.

Fundraising- We offer many fundraisers throughout the year to offset some of the additional costs which include competition fees, specialty hair bows and Holiday Banquet. We ask that every cheerleader and their family participate when the fundraiser is offered.

Tumbling- Although we primarily focus on cheer skills, we do some basic tumbling in some of our classes as well. We highly recommend the La Verne Gymnastics program for all cheer participants. Gymnastics skills are needed to be a member of the Senior squad and are used for all routines at competition. Please feel free to contact your coach with any questions.

The Green and Black Experience